The Seventh International Conference on

Radioactive Nuclear Beams (RNB7)

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

July 3 - 7, 2006


University of Padova
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Abstracts submitted to the RNB7 Conference
Beyond nuclear physics with RNB: applications and fundamental interactions
1 Alejandro Algora Beta-decay data requirements for reactor decay heat calculations: study of the possible source of the gamma-ray discrepancy in reactor heat summation calculations
2 Soundara Pandian Lakshmi Parity Non-conservation in 180mHf; revisited
3 Rimantas Lazauskas Testing a Conserved Vector Current hypothesis using radioactive ion beams
4 Alain Mery Search for tensor couplings in the weak interaction: a study of the 6He beta-decay in a Paul trap
5 Sofia Quaglioni Benchmark calculation of inclusive responses in the four-body nuclear system
6 Giulio Stancari Francium sources and traps for fundamental interaction studies
Experimental developments for studies with RNB: detectors and instrumentation
7 Michael Block Mass measurements of low-energetic fusion-evaporation products at SHIPTRAP
8 Georg Bollen First high-precision Penning trap mass measurements of short-lived isotopes from fast-beam fragmentation
9 Rafael Ferrer Implementation of a sensitive, narrow-band Fourier-Transform Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance (FT-ICR) detection for short-lived radionuclides at SHIPTRAP
10 Paolo Guazzoni Digital Pulse Shape Acquisition from CHIMERA AZ 4pi detector: Results and Perspectives
11 Oleg Kiselev Feasibility studies of EXL setup at FAIR using GSI storage ring
12 Jan Kurcewicz Search for isomeric state in 216Fr at the Warsaw IGISOL system
13 Marco Mazzocco The program MOCADI: application to fusion-evaporation studies
14 David Morrissey Successful Thermalization and Extraction of Projectile Fragment Ions from Gas
15 Wolfgang Plass An RF Quadrupole-Time-of-Flight System for Isobar-Separation and Multiplexed Operation of Experiments at Gas-Cell Facilities
16 Giacomo Poggi FAZIA: prototyping a next generation 4pi detection array for nuclear reaction-dynamics studies
17 Alberto M. Stefanini The heavy-ion magnetic spectrometer PRISMA
18 Andreas Stolz Single-Crystal Heteroepitaxial Diamond Detectors for Heavy Ion Beam Tracking
19 Tomohiro Uesaka Polarized Proton Target for RI Beam Experiments
20 Tomohiro Uesaka Design of High Resolution SHARAQ Spectrometer at RIBF
21 Jose J. Valiente Study of neutron-rich nuclei in a Radioactive Beam Facility
22 Roman Wilfinger Proton Induced Thermal Stress-Wave Measurements for ISOLDE and CNGS using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer
23 Roman Wilfinger Feasibility of High Power Refractory Metal-Foil Targets for EURISOL
24 John Winfield Commissioning of MAGNEX large-acceptance spectrometer
Nuclear astrophysics
25 Carmen Angulo CARINA: a network to harmonize the nuclear astrophysics research in Europe
26 Carmen Angulo New low-energy direct measurement of the 18F(p,alpha)15O reaction
27 Jason Clark Precise mass measurements of proton-rich refractory metals and nuclides near the termination of the rp-process path
28 Maria Jose G. Borge Mapping of the 12C and 9B states of astrophysical interest via the 10Be(3He,paaa) reaction
29 Teresa Kurtukian-Nieto Progress in half-lives measurements of heavy neutron-rich nuclei approaching the r-process path around N=126
30 Hiroari Miyatake Direct measurements of astrophysical nuclear reaction rates on light neutron-rich nuclei at TRIAC and JAEA-RMS
31 Philip Page How sensitive is the determination of an S-factor from experimental data to the nuclear theory used ?
32 Hiroyuki Sagawa Isovector nuclear matter properties and neutron skin thickness
33 Livius Trache Beta-decay of proton-rich nucleus 23Al and astrophysical consequences
Nuclear reactions with radioactive beams and weakly bound nuclei
34 Ken Amos Medium energy RNB scattering from hydrogen; a tool to study the spectroscopy of exotic nuclei
35 Hanan Amro The (7Be, 3He) and (7Be, alpha) reactions: new tools for the 3He- and alpha-transfer studies
36 Christian Beck Near-barrier fusion and breakup of weakly bound and exotic halo nuclei
37 Luciano Canton The spectra of weakly-bound or particle-unstable light nuclei with a sturmian approach that includes the Pauli principle
38 Marielle Chartier Exotic Nuclei Studied with Transfer Reactions using the TIARA Array
39 Tatjana Chuvilskaya Yield of Low-Lying High-Spin States as a Function of the Projectile Neutron Number and the Bombarding Energy
40 Jolie Cizewski Neutron-Transfer Reactions with Neutron-Rich Radioactive Nuclear Beams
41 Dolores Cortina Experimental observation of 7H
42 Edilson Crema Hindrance of fusion cross sections induced by 6He.
43 Raquel Crespo Exploring the 6He continuum sea through proton inelastic collisions
44 Deqing Fang Measurement of momentum distribution and reaction cross section for proton-rich nucleus 23Al
45 Simone Fortier Search for multineutron clusters and other neutron-ultra-rich nuclei via 8He induced transfer reactions
46 Elena Geraci Isotope analysis in central heavy ion collisions at intermediate energies
47 Valdir Guimaraes 8Li-Induced RNB Transfer Reactions on 9Be for Astrophysics
48 Dao Tien Khoa Isovector deformation and its link to the neutron shell closure
49 Eugene Konobeevski Study of structure of neutron halo using neutron transfer reaction
50 Felix Liang Measurements of fusion reactions induced by radioactive 132Sn on 64Ni
51 Rubens Lichtenthaler Measurements of the elastic scattering of exotic projectiles 6He, 8Li, 7Be and 8B on 27Al at energies around the Coulomb barrier
52 Marco Mazzocco Scattering process of 11Be from 209Bi at Coulomb barrier energies
53 Matko Milin Reactions induced by 35 MeV 6He beam on 12C and 14C
54 Shigeo Ohkubo Unexpected transparency in the scattering of fragile 6Lii and 6He
55 Yulia Parfenova Production of the core fragments in the ground and excited states in nucleon removal from sd-shell nuclei (21,23O, 18,20N, 22F, 17Ne)
56 Manuela Rodriguez-Gallardo Continuum effects: Structure and reactions of 6He
57 Satoshi Sakaguchi Measurement of the Analyzing Power for the p+6He Elastic Scattering at 71MeV/u
58 Christelle Schmitt Nuclear Dissipation Studies by Means of Peripheral Heavy Ion Collisions at Relativistic Energy with Radioactive Beams
59 Valentina Scuderi Inverse kinematics resonance scattering on thick target with EXCYT beams
60 Nikolay Skobelev Fusion and transfer reactions with radioactive 6He beams
61 Boris Skorodumov The lowest excited states in 13O
62 Jeffrey Tostevin Reaction spectroscopy at fragmentation beam energies
63 Robert E. Tribble Facility upgrade at Texas A&M University for Accelerated Radioactive Beams
64 Vladimir Ugryumov Reaction cross section of 6He and 6Li ions with silicon
65 Jan Vaagen Continuum spectroscopy of Borromean two-neutron halo nuclei
66 Jan Vaagen Relation between matter and charge radii of Borromean halo
67 Shashi Verma Elastic scattering angular distributions and fusion cross sections for weakly bound nuclei 7Be, 7Li on 9Be
68 Alan Wuosmaa Nucleon Transfer Reactions With Exotic Beams at ATLAS
69 Valery Zagrebaev Sub-barrier fusion of weakly bound nuclei: Strong enhancement due to sequential fusion mechanism
Nuclear structure far from stability
70 Francesco Andreozzi An exact microscopic multiphonon approach to collective modes in nuclei
71 Carmen Angulo Study of the low-lying states in the unbound nucleus 16F by 15O+p elastic scattering
72 Dimiter Balabanski First results from the g-RISING campaign: The g factor of the 19/2+ isomer in 127Sn
73 Giovanna Benzoni In-beam gamma spectroscopy using DIC with radioactive Ne beams
74 Klaus Blaum Laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry studies of halo nuclei with COLLAPS and ISOLTRAP
75 Alexander Buerger Spectroscopy of neutron-deficient nuclei around 36Ca
76 Enrique Casarejos Spectroscopy of 7He by the 9Be(6He,7He)8Be transfer reaction
77 Joakim Cederkall Coulomb Excitation of 110Sn using REX-ISOLDE
78 Yazidjian Chabouh A test of the Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation: High precision mass measurement on 35K with the ISOLTRAP mass spectrometer
79 Aldo Covello Shell model Structure of Exotic Nuclei around Closed shells
80 Zdenek Dlouhy Structure of light neutron-rich nuclei using separation energies
81 Jerry P Draayer Microscopic calculations for upper fp shell g9/2 level nuclei: Ge & Se
82 Gilbert Duchene Exploring the changing of shell structure of nuclei around N=50
83 Zoltan Elekes Study of N=20 shell gap with 1H(28Ne,27,28Ne)
84 Enrico Farnea Gamma spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei with the PRISMA/CLARA setup
85 Lidia Ferreira Observing the neutron drip line
86 Lorenzo Fortunato Probing the pairing-phase transition with pair-trasfer reactions in unstable nuclei
87 L.M. Fraile Fast timing studies in the Mg island of inversion
88 Stefan Frauendorf Isorotational and pair rotational bands near N=Z
89 Zsolt Fulop Search for neutron decoupling in 22O
90 Maria Jose G. Borge Beta decay of the halo nucleus 11Li and its core 9Li
91 Maria Jose G. Borge Structure of 231AC
92 Hans Geissel Present and Future Experiments with Stored Exotic Nuclei at Relativistic Energies
93 Georgi Georgiev Magnetic Moments of Isomeric States around N=40
94 Alain Gillibert Study of N=16 for Ne isotopes
95 Andreas Goergen Shape coexistence in neutron-deficient Krypton isotopes studied by low-energy Coulomb excitation of radioactive ion beams
96 Tuomas Grahn Collectivity in neutron-deficient Pb and Po nuclei
97 Ikuko Hamamoto Positive-energy and weakly-bound one-particle levels in quadrupole-deformed potentials
98 Alexander Herlert High-precision mass measurements of neutron-rich Cd, Kr, Zn, and Sn radionuclides with the Penning trap mass spectrometer ISOLTRAP
99 Sagawa Hiroyuki Pairing correlations in nuclei on the neutron-drip line
100 Ari Jokinen Precision mass measurements of refractory radioactive isotopes
101 Marek Karny Fine structure in proton emission from 141g.s.Ho and 141mHo discovered by means of digital signal processing
102 Thorsten Kroell Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich 138,140,142Xe at REX-ISOLDE
103 Sean Liddick Towards superallowed alpha decay: The identification of new alpha decay chain 109Xe -> 105Te -> 101Sn
104 Nicola Lo Iudice A microscopic investigation of the low-lying 0+states in deformed nuclei
105 Enrico Maglione The structure of exotic nuclei close to the proton drip-line
106 Paul Mantica Beta-delayed gamma-ray studies of proton f7/2 - neutron pf shell nuclei
107 Tomaselli Marco Non-Perturbative Formulation of the Cluster Theory for Exotic Nuclei
108 Kei Minamisono Nuclear Magnetic Moment of 57Cu Ground State
109 Ivan Mukha Proton-Proton Correlations in Two-Proton Radioactivity of 94Ag
110 Sreenivasa Nara Singh Bondili Recoil Beta Tagging: Application to the study of odd-odd near proton drip line nuclei, 74Rb and 78Y
111 Gerda Neyens The "island of inversion" from the nuclear moments perspective.
112 Olivier Sorlin Study of the N=28 shell closure through (d,p) reaction at SPIRAL1-GANIL
113 Sonja Orrigo Core excited Fano-resonances in exotic nuclei
114 Mohamed Reda Oudih Number-projected quasiparticle random phase approximation
115 Costel Petrache Spectroscopy of the lightest nuclei in the Lanthanide region
116 Norbert Pietralla Isovector Quadrupole Excitations of the Nuclear Valence Shell studied in Projectile Coulomb Excitation
117 Zsolt Podolyak Along the N=126 closed shell: isomer studies around 204Pt
118 Riccardo Raabe Charged-particle channels in the beta-decay of 11Li
119 Elisa Rapisarda Ne18 diproton decay
120 Christian Rauth First direct mass measurements beyond the proton drip line at SHIPTRAP
121 Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez Excited States in N~20 Neon and Sodium Nuclei
122 Dirk Rudolph Exciting isomers from the first stopped-beam RISING campaign
123 Rodolfo Sanchez Nuclear Charge Radius of the Halo Nucleus Lithium-11
124 Fred Sarazin A new look at the beta-decay of 11Li
125 Mihai Stanoiu New structure information on 93Ru near 100Sn
126 Irina Stefanescu Coulomb excitation of 68,70Cu using laser ionized and post-acelerated isomeric beams
127 Yasutaka Taniguchi Coexistence of cluster structure and mean-field-type structure in medium-weight nuclei
128 Hideki Ueno Nuclear moments of neutron-rich aluminum isotopes
129 Yutaka Utsuno Structure of unstable nuclei in the sd-pf shell region by shell model with proper tensor force
130 Nele Vermeulen First Measurement of an Isomeric Quadrupole Moment in Fragmentation Reactions: the case of 61Fe(9/2+)
131 Dario Vretenar Exotic nuclear structure: relativistic mean-field and beyond
132 Mathis Wiedeking Study of neutron-rich sd-pf shell nuclei using multi-nucleon transfer reactions
133 Takayuki Yamaguchi Nuclear radius systematics around N=Z Kr isotopes studied via their interaction cross sections at relativistic energies
Production of radioactive nuclear beams by ISOL techniques
134 Alberto Andrighetto The SPES direct UCx target
135 Marina Barbui Effusion calculations for the direct SPES target
136 Elian Bouquerel Alkali suppression for pure Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) production: development and operation of a new quartz line target prototype
137 Ken Carter On Line Yield Measurements of Actinide Targets
138 Marik Dombsky Composite foil target materials for use with high intensity beams at ISAC
139 Hanna Franberg Developments for intensive short lived carbon and nitrogen beams.
140 Pasi Karvonen LIST developments at IGISOL
141 Ulli Koester (Im-)possible ISOL beams
142 Jens Lassen On-line 26-Al and 62-Ga beams with the TRIUMF-ISAC resonant ionization laser ion source
143 Strahinja Lukic Systematic comparison of ISOLDE-SC yields with calculated in-target production rates
144 Mariano Menna Surface ion sources for negative halogen beams
145 Mariano Menna Charge-exchange efficiency and cross sections for lithium positive ions into cesium vapours
146 Etam Noah TARPIPE: TARget Prototype Irradiations at PSI for EURISOL
147 Vladimir Panteleev Recent developments and on-line tests of uranium carbide targets for production of nuclides far from stability
148 Vladimir Panteleev Target-ion source unit ionization efficiency measurement by method of stable ion beam implantation
149 Maurizio Re Target Ion Source and Charge Exchange Cell development of the EXCYT facility
150 Valentina Rizzi Effusion calculations for the direct spes target
151 Valentina Rizzi On-line production of neutron-rich isotopes from Uranium carbide targets
152 Thierry Stora First negative halogen beams produced at PSBooster-ISOLDE
153 Michele Tonezzer Thermal treatments and characterization of pellets for direct SPES target
Production of radioactive nuclear beams by projectile fragmentation
154 Georg Bollen A new Fast Gas Stopper for Intense and Energetic Rare Isotope Beams
155 Giovanni Raciti RIBs In-Flight production @ LNS
156 Betty Tsang Fragmentation Cross-section measurements with Ca and Ni isotopes
Radioactive nuclear beam facilities
157 Carsten Brandau Ion Optical Design Studies and Simulations of the Super-FRS Energy Buncher
158 Pierre Delahaye The preparation of radioactive ion beams in ISOL-type facilities
159 Martin Eller Calculation of Production and Decay of Radioisotopes for Future Irradiation Experiments and Ion Beam Facilities
160 Graziano Fortuna Status and achievements of the EURISOL design study in the first year of activity
161 Atsushi Kitagawa Present Status of Experiments for the Medical Application of Radioactive Nuclear beams at HIMAC
162 Gang Lian The Purification and Energy Determination of Secondary Radioactive Nuclear Beams
163 Mats Lindroos Future plans for radioactive beams at CERN: HIE-ISOLDE
164 Marco Marchetto Radioactive ion beam post-acceleration at ISAC
165 A.C. (Colin) Morton Actinide target development for RIB production at TRIUMF's ISAC facility
166 Claude Reed A Liquid Lithium Thin Film Stripper for RIA
167 Yutaka Watanabe Tokai Radioactive Ion Accelerator Complex (TRIAC)
168 Martin Winkler The Status of the Super-FRS In-flight Facility at FAIR
Studies of cross-sections for production of radioactive nuclei
169 Alain Boudard Improvements of spallation models in view of more reliable predictions for RIB facilities
170 Enrique Casarejos Production of new neutron-rich nuclei in projectile fragmentation
171 Lorenzo Corradi Cross section measurements for neutron-rich isotopes in grazing reactions
172 Jean-Christophe David Validation of the modelling tools within the EURISOL DS project
173 Tilak Kumar Ghosh Mass distribution as a probe to study the dynamics of Nuclear Fission
174 Aleksandra Kelic Secondary-beam production: protons versus heavy-ions
175 Sadao Momota Target effect on fragmentation reactions at E=290A MeV
176 Heikki Penttila Independent fission yields with JYFLTRAP
177 Elisa Rapisarda Intermediate energies light RIBs fragmentation
178 George Souliotis Neutron-Rich Rare Isotope Production below the Fermi Energy and Its Application to the Texas A&M RIB Upgrade
179 Pietri Stephane Production Cross Sections, Spin Distributions, and Isomeric Ratio from Relativistic Projectile Fragmentation of 107Ag Using RISING
180 Suzana Szilner Binary reactions explored with PRISMA+CLARA
181 Martin Veselsky Production of very neutron-rich nuclei in nucleus-nucleus collisions around Fermi-energy
Late arrival
182 Dimitra Pierroutsakou Radioactive beams at LNL
183 Matteo Pasini A SC linac for the energy upgrade of REX-ISOLDE at CERN
184 Guo Qing Xiao RNB and Cooler Storage Ring facilities in Lanzhou
185 Sergey I. Sukhoruchkin Tuning Effect in Binding Energies of Nuclear Clusters
186 Sergey I. Sukhoruchkin Tuning Effect in Nuclear Excitations
187 Andrea Lavagno Modified nuclear reaction rates in dense stellar plasma
188 William Walters Evidence for a phase transition in neutron-rich Cd isotopes: Structure and decay of isomeric and ground states in neutron-rich Cd, Ag, Pd, Rh, and Ru isotopes identified in the fragmentation of Xe-136 at NSCL