The Seventh International Conference on

Radioactive Nuclear Beams (RNB7)

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

July 3 - 7, 2006


University of Padova
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Sunday, July 2 - PalaVolkswagen
17.00 - 20.00 Reception, Registration and Welcome cocktail
Monday, July 3 - PalaVolkswagen
9.00 Welcome addresses
9.30  Chair: Cosimo Signorini
  H. Sakurai (RIKEN) Physics opportunities with the RI Beam Factory at RIKEN
  M. Thoenessen (MSU) Experiments with Beams of Rare Isotopes at MSU
  K. Nollett (Argonne) Quantum Monte Carlo studies of bound and unbound nuclear states
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30  Chair: William Walters
  M. Aliotta (Edinburgh) Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics with RIBs
  M.J. G. Borge (Madrid) Mapping of the 12C* states of astrophysical interest via the 10Be(3He,paaa) reaction
  H. Sagawa (Aizu) Isovector nuclear matter properties and neutron skin thickness
13.00 Lunch
14.30  Chair: Ikuko Hamamoto
  T. Otsuka (Tokyo) Evolution of Nuclear Shells in Exotic Nuclei
  A. Gillibert (Saclay) Study of N=16 for Ne isotopes
  O. Sorlin (Orsay) Study of the N=28 shell closure through (d,p) reaction at SPIRAL1-GANIL
  D.T. Khoa (Hanoi) Isovector deformation and its link to the neutron shell closure
  G. Benzoni (Milano) In-beam gamma spectroscopy using DIC with radioactive Ne beams
  G. Neyens (Leuven) The "island of inversion" from the nuclear moments perspective
16.40 Coffee Break
17.10  Chair: Marek Pfützner
  G. Ter-Akop'yan (Dubna) Neutron Excess Nuclei of Hydrogen and Helium at ACCULINNA
  D. Cortina (Santiago de Compostela) Experimental observation of 7H
  S. Fortier (Orsay) Search for multineutron clusters and other neutron-ultra-rich nuclei via 8He induced transfer reactions
  J. Tostevin (Surrey) Reaction spectroscopy at fragmentation beam energies
18.40 End of session
20.30 Recital of traditional mountain songs by the Cortina choir
Tuesday, July 4 - PalaVolkswagen
9.00   Chair: Jerry Draayer
  D. Vretenar (Zagreb) Exotic nuclear structure: relativistic mean-field and beyond
  A. Görgen (Saclay) Shape coexistence in neutron-deficient Krypton isotopes studied by low-energy Coulomb excitation of radioactive ion beams
  T. Yamaguchi (Saitama) Nuclear radius systematics around N=Z Kr isotopes studied via their interaction cross sections at relativistic energies
  E. Maglione (Padova) The structure of exotic nuclei close to the proton drip-line
  D. Rudolph (Lund) Exciting isomers from the first stopped-beam RISING campaign
  E. Rapisarda (Catania) 18Ne diproton decay
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30  Chair: Mark Huyse
  Y. Watanabe (KEK) Tokai Radioactive Ion Accelerator Complex (TRIAC)
  D. Rifuggiato (LNS) Commissioning of the EXCYT facility at INFN-LNS
  M. Mazzocco (GSI) Scattering process of 11Be from 209Bi at Coulomb barrier energies
12.30 Oral Poster presentations
13.00 Lunch
14.30  Chair: Ron Johnson
  D. Shapira (Oak Ridge) Sub and Near Barrier Fusion Between Neutron Rich Heavy Nuclei Studied with Radioactive Ion Beams
  R. Lichtentaler (Sao Paulo) Measurements of the elastic scattering of 6He + 27Al and 7Be + 51V at energies around the Coulomb barrier
  N. Skobelev (Dubna) Fusion and transfer reactions with radioactive 6He beams
  M. Milin (Zagreb) Reactions induced by 35 MeV 6He beam on 12C and 14C
16.00 Oral Poster presentations
16.30 Coffee Break
17.00  Chair: Robert Tribble
  M. Lewitowicz (GANIL) Radioactive beams at GANIL: present and future
  G. Bisoffi (LNL) Future developments of INFN-LNL nuclear beam facilities
17.50 - 19.30 Poster Session
Wednesday, July 5 - PalaVolkswagen
9.00  Chair: Claes Fahlander
  J. Gerl (GSI) Gamma spectroscopy with RIBs from RISING to AGATA
  P. Van Duppen (Leuven) Coulomb Excitation Experiments with MINIBALL at REX-ISOLDE
  Z. Elekes (Debrecen) Study of N=20 shell gap with 1H(28Ne,27,28Ne) reactions
  Zs. Podolyak (Surrey) Along the N=126 closed shell: isomer studies around 204Pt
  E. Farnea (Padova) Gamma spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei with the PRISMA/CLARA setup
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30  Chair: Carlos Dasso
  A. Di Pietro (LNS) Reaction mechanisms in collisions induced by halo and/or weakly bound Radioactive nuclei around the barrier
  A. Wuosmaa (Western Michigan University) Nucleon Transfer Reactions With Exotic Beams at ATLAS
  D. Pierroutsakou (Napoli) Light radioactive beams at LNL
  N. de Sereville (Louvain la Neuve) New low-energy direct measurement of the 18F(p,alpha)15O reaction
13.00 Lunch
In the afternoon, excursion to Misurina Lake (1754 m) and to Rifugio Auronzo (2320 m) at the base of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo (2999 m)
Thursday, July 6 - PalaVolkswagen
9.00  Chair: Wolfgang Mittig
  H. Geissel (GSI) Present and Future Experiments with Stored Exotic Nuclei at Relativistic Energies
  G. Raciti (Catania) RIBs In-Flight production at LNS
  G. Poggi (Firenze) FAZIA: prototyping a next generation 4pi detection array for nuclear reaction-dynamics studies
  T. Uesaka (Tokyo) Polarized Proton Target for RI Beam Experiments
  L.M. Fraile (CERN) Future plans for radioactive beams at CERN: HIE-ISOLDE
  J.S. Winfield (LNS) Commissioning of MAGNEX large-acceptance spectrometer
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30  Chair: Gerda Neyens
  A. Covello (Napoli) Shell model Structure of Exotic Nuclei around Closed shells
  P. Mantica (MSU) Nuclear structure of neutron-rich nuclei near shell closures from excited-state g-factor measurements
  T. Kröll (München) Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich 138,140,142Xe at REX-ISOLDE
  P. Mason (Padova) The heavy-ion magnetic spectrometer PRISMA
13.00 Lunch
14.30  Chair: Pierre Bricault
  R. Tribble (Texas A&M) Facility upgrade at Texas A&M University for Accelerated Radioactive Beams
  V. Panteleev (Petersburg) Recent developments and on-line tests of uranium carbide targets for production of nuclides far from stability
  M. Re (LNS) Target Ion Source and Charge Exchange Cell development of the EXCYT facility
  U. Köster (CERN) (Im-)possible ISOL beams
  J. Lassen (TRIUMF) On-line 26Al and 62Ga beams with the TRIUMF-ISAC resonant ionization laser ion source
  M.V. Ricciardi (GSI) Secondary-beam production: protons versus heavy-ions
16.30 Coffee Break
17.00  Chair: Raquel Crespo
  F. Azaiez (Orsay) Shell Structure in light nuclei from RIB
  J. Cizewski (Rutgers) Neutron-Transfer Reactions with Neutron-Rich Radioactive Nuclear Beams
  I. Hamamoto (Lund) Resonant and weakly-bound one-particle levels in quadrupole-deformed potentials
  S. Verma (Delhi) Elastic scattering angular distributions and fusion cross sections for weakly bound nuclei 7Be, 7Li on 9Be
18.30 End of session
20.30 Conference Dinner at Rifugio Faloria (2123 m)
Friday, July 7 - PalaVolkswagen
9.00  Chair: Dave Morrissey
  J. Meng (Beijing) Structure of nuclei far from the stability within the relativistic mean field approach
  R. Raabe (Leuven) Charged-particle channels in the beta-decay of 11Li
  M. Golovkov (Dubna) New insight into the low energy 9He spectrum
  S. Liddick (Oak Ridge) Towards superallowed alpha decay: The identification of new alpha decay chain 109Xe -> 105Te -> 101Sn
  P. Van Isacker (GANIL) Masses of atomic nuclei far from stability
11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 LISE MEITNER Prize Award to Prof. David Brink and Prof. Heinz-Jürgen Kluge
12.00  Chair: Hartwig Freiesleben
  F. Herfurth (GSI) Mass measurements of low-energetic fusion-evaporation products at SHIPTRAP
  G. Bollen (MSU) First high-precision Penning trap mass measurements of short-lived isotopes from fast-beam fragmentation
  A. Jokinen (Jyväskylä) Precision mass measurements of refractory radioactive isotopes
13.00 Lunch
14.30  Chair: Aldo Covello
  A. Mery (Caen) Search for tensor couplings in the weak interaction: a study of the 6He beta-decay in a Paul trap
  G. Stancari (Ferrara) Francium sources and traps for fundamental interaction studies
  G. Fortuna (LNL) Status and achievements of the EURISOL design study in the first year of activity
  P. Bricault (TRIUMF) ISAC I and II: Present Status and Future Perspectives
  H. Emling (GSI) The Rare-Isotope-Beam Facility at FAIR
16.30 Closing addresses
16.40 End of the conference
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